Captain Responsibilities and League Information
Captain Responsibilities
  • Captains will act as a liaison to PGA Professionals, other Captains and PGA HOPE Office
  • Captains will be provided a team roster with all emails and phone numbers along with the phone numbers of all other Captains
  • Captains will be provided a schedule for each week
  • Captains will be responsible for communicating with team members each week about who is playing in the matches
  • Captains will collect results and report them to the office 


​There are 15-20 teams expected to participate in the 2022 season that will feature over 200 participating Veterans. Each team will be placed in a league based on geographic location. Teams will compete against every team in their league twice - one home and one away match. At the end of each season there will be a Championship for the winners of each league.

Teams will consist of:
  • One PGA Professional Captain
  • One Veteran Captain
  • 10-12 team members 

Team Practice

At the beginning of each season, the first week of the season will be a team practice for the entire team at their home club. Some topics that will be covered at practice include:
  • Introductions of team members including the Veteran Captain and Professional Captain
  • Collaborate with teammates on choosing a team name
  • Introduce veterans to the club and go over the practice facilities, first tee, bathrooms, etc.
    • Tees you will be playing (5,400-5,800)
  • Go over any questions about the league
  • Review the schedule and identify any conflicts
  • Distribute team shirts
  • Team Picture
  • Golf Clinic