Best Practices – Met PGA Foundation Fundraisers

Let us help you structure a successful fundraiser at your course to benefit the Met PGA Foundation!


Create Your Own Signature Program

The best results come from a program that is customized to reflect your interests and the personality of your members.  It might be a marathon, a tournament, a fast-play round or an event in conjunction with one of the majors or PGA Tour stops.  Contact the Met PGA to help create your own fund-raiser.  We will support your efforts with any resources and assistance we can offer.


The Longest Day of Golf

Conduct a Golf Marathon  -  Play as many holes as possible with your golfers pledging support for the number of holes, the number of pars, the number of birdies, the speed of play or whatever concept gets your golfers interested and involved.  Find a way that your members can also participate (drive the cart, solicit pledges, playing along, getting some of the juniors active). For additional information regarding this fundraiser, contact Kevin Ausserlechner of Darien at 203-655-7043, Patrick Massi of Griff Harris at 203-531-7261.


Beat the Pro

Every professional runs a beat the pro event at his or her club.  These are easy ways to get your members involved.  Members that beat the score win a prize, if they don’t beat the pro, their pledge goes to the Met PGA Foundation. For information on this fundraising idea, please contact Bill Mackedon of Port Jefferson at 631-285-1814.


Par 3 Contests

Another common event that is easy to run and administer.  Select a par 3 hole and allow members to make a pledge.  Hit the green and they win a prize, miss the green and the pledge goes to the Met PGA Foundation.


Teaching Marathons

Spend a day teaching to benefit the Met PGA Foundation.  Every lesson provides a percentage of funds for the Met PGA Foundation.  Encourage members to pledge a lesson for a junior golfer or veteran at the course, with the dollars supporting the program and the kids the beneficiary of your time and effort.


Regriping Donation

One professional has suggested that he may add $1.00 to the price of grips for 2016 and let his members know that $1.00 out of each regrip will be donated to the Met PGA Foundation.


A Club Donation

Some clubs prefer to make a simple donation, either per member or as a total contribution and avoid solicitations.  Several clubs support the Met PGA Foundation already in this way.


PGA Trade-In Network/Ebay

All of us have clubs lying around our bag rooms that can be easily turned into cash by using the PGA Trade in Network or Ebay.


Birdies or Better for Juniors

Have you members pledge a flat amount for each birdie or better you make during the season in tournament play. For additional information regarding this fundraising idea, contact Ambry Bishop of Saint Andrew’s at 914-478-3475.


Sell Mulligans

During an event at your club sell Mulligans to benefit the Met PGA Foundation. For additional information

regarding this fundraising idea, contact Stuart Waack of Silvermine at 203-846-2552.


Pro Putting

Marathon on the putting green where members can pledge a specific amount per made putt or a single

flat amount. For additional information regarding this fundraising idea, contact Tyler Jaramillo of

St. Andrew’s GC at 516-374-1110.